A New Year

The start of a New Year signifies a new beginning, renewed energy, rejuvenated spirit/hope, a new chapter to right all the wrong of the past year; to start all over again to have a fuller, happier life. However the positivity is usually short-lived for many of us sadly. After a week or two (or for some lucky ones, a month or two), we start to get back into our old routines and lose that rejuvenated spirit. We also at times forget the resolutions we so happily made on New Year’s Eve and swore to lose those 20 lbs. or to stop sucking up to people or be positive, etc.

Ever wonder why that happens? I end up wondering every year. So far what I have concluded is that we human beings are creature of habits and even though the idea of change excites us but alas! We don’t usually follow through and realize that ‘working on the change’ can get too overwhelming; which of course results in us giving up. My next question is: What to do about this? And my answer is that we need to create achievable, attainable resolutions that are rational and realistic and NOT grounded in emotions. Because I know (oh so well) that losing those 10 pounds (not 20) can be quite a challenge and from personal experience, I know from the beginning it is an (almost) losing battle for me. I decided that instead of losing weight, in 2016 I will choose to make better decisions when it comes to the types of food I eat, to the vitamins and exercise (I’m still working on this part BTW) which will help me achieve my resolution.

Making unrealistic resolutions is definitely not the way to start the New Year. Keeping them short and sweet and taking┬ásmall steps will automatically give you the confidence boost you’ll need to keep going. Also remember to have positive and support people around you who will provide the much needed encouragement to help you achieve your goals. Then the New Year won’t seem as daunting and challenging as the previous year.

I hope you have a great 2016!

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