Welcome to Rekindle Hope Counseling.

Do you feel stuck in life?
Do you feel alone and helpless at times?
Are you feeling sad? Anxious? Scared?
Are you constantly worrying about the future and reliving the past?
Do you feel others are unable to relate to you?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
If you answered yes, to the above questions, then you need a place where you are heard, allowed to grow, achieve your goals with renewed energy, and be able to live in the present moment to improve the quality of your life.

At Rekindle Hope Counseling, you will learn positive life skills that will help you become self-aware and mindful. You will be able to have better control on your emotions, thoughts and in turn your life.

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I now offer pre-marital/marital counseling to new and married couples using the PREPARE/ENRICH program.


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